Manoval.ml is a content platform, and global leader in smartphone personalization, with thousand of monthly active users. People use Manoval.ml to make their smartphones more personal - to express their emotions, tastes and interests using wallpapers and more. The Manoval.ml platform enables brands, artists and creators to share their smartphone personalization content with their fans in order to extend their reach, reinforce their message and gain valuable insight into how customers interact with their content. Can I use a wallpaper on my website? For my YouTube channel? For a t-shirt? The wallpapers are for personal use only. Personal use means that they are not to be used for any commercial purposes where you may charge money, collect fees, or receive any kind of payment. These background images may not be used on any website where they could generate revenue, and they cannot be used in advertisements. The images may not be resold, relicensed or sublicensed.